Beste hizkuntzetako lanen zerrenda


  Translation: Sarah J. Turtle &
    Iņaki Mendiguren



A simple difficulty


Life is no more than a mere difficulty

ever since I fell into the hole of your eyes,

and I know not how to swallow these cherry tears

as I go round and round your pupils.


From this lookout I wanted to know

what you see differently, what, apart from me,

was revolving, as the world does,

in the pupils of your eyes.


In a blink I could've come out of the waterfall of these eyelashes

but you kept me prisoner behind your closed eyelids.

That's why I know you will no longer see me

as I am.


I have swept the questions under the carpet

and have turned the key,

while the world turns on its axis.



© Leire Bilbao
© of the translation: Sarah J. Turtle & Iņaki Mendiguren