Beste hizkuntzetako lanen zerrenda


  Translation: Sarah J. Turtle &
    Iņaki Mendiguren





You've opened your eyes,

you have that smell of the newly awakened,

the taste of one who has slept.

You've closed your eyes,

lies jump around on your eyelids,

and I want to believe them all.


You've closed your eyes,

because what is hidden can be read

on the eyelids of the one who keeps silent,

in the same way that, when we close the eyes of the dead,

what the dead had to say, what they left unsaid

can be read on their eyelids.


You have the smell of one who has just slept,

the taste of the newly awakened,

you're like a new-born babe.

I want to believe your lies

as a child discovers

old truths.



© Leire Bilbao
© of the translation: Sarah J. Turtle & Iņaki Mendiguren