Beste hizkuntzetako lanen zerrenda


  Translation: Paddy Bushe



Stray Dog


I am no more my own than anyone else's

stuff happens to me as it happens

to a dog trying to guzzle its own shadow

love songs make me jumpy

I'm telling you: my fingers are trained

from zapping through radio stations

when I stop them from combing


crows nest in my hair

sometimes I hold them in my hands

when they don't leave me

flying close like the shadow of the dog

that is why I lost a long time ago

the feeling of loss.


tell me please things I can forget

things that can escape

through a leaking bag

for a long time I have had spare hangers in my wardrobe

nobody calls me from the kitchen

to the bathroom

empty chairs surround me.


I am no more my own than anyone else's

in the fashion of stray dogs

I continue to lie to myself

just like at this moment I will

for example move to the far side of the bed

as if I were the one missing

when I look to the other side




© Leire Bilbao
© translation: Paddy Bushe