Beste hizkuntzetako lanen zerrenda


  Translation: Catherine Phil MacCarthy





my body is a parenthesis that accepts clarifications

my forty-seven-year old heart is a blender

ee-i-em-ee-i-em in the manner of a small gull

when I press my lips

I cast my shoes like lead into the port

I do not want you full-time I do not want you full-time

only you you you


looking at your big hands and your mouth

looking at your beauty spot

words do not matter what matters is the voice

your juice, your salt, your milk

you know it is not cheap to park scaffolds on the pavement

you know that walking barefoot wears the skin to a thread

come across to me at a gallop on all fours

breath in exchange for breath and talc in our saliva


Build a nest of fern in the woods for two

there the boar's tracks, there the song of the blackbird

there the almonds and there the white wine

there a plaid blanket and there your deep breath

two wings of your arms explaining the heathers

you in my room you on my lap

you spreading the old heart ache

you the fresh wound creating a voiceless sorrow


glory and peace on earth in this way always glory

right after turning the corner of the street

a bird perched blind on my shoulder praise

a kiss of yours on my naked shoulder at dawn

on me on me

you so big and beautiful and good

tinder and flames

praises to you blessed one and thanks to you I bow to you

oh my giant oh my masai oh of my island my moai




© Miren Agur Meabe
© translation: Catherine Phil MacCarthy